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   Extrakt Process

 TNS was born out of a response to an industry need. The technology increases throughput and efficiency on existing equipment (in many cases over an order of magnitude) while recovering more water. TNS brings robustness to dewatering regardless of clays and mineralogy.

TNS technology has undergone extensive evolution, marked by advancements in metal recovery, equipment, and water management, and has garnered more than 40 global patents. This innovation creates valuable new options for customers who previously lacked viable solutions for their energy and mining operations. By recovering minerals and materials from previously classified waste, this technology empowers customers to fulfill their sustainability commitments, reducing reliance on virgin resources and embracing an approach that both conserves natural resources and minimizes the environmental footprint linked to mining operations.

 The Extrakt (non-cyanide) leach technology reduces CapEx & OpEx while increasing metal recovery on coarser particles while still enabling dry stacked tailings. The technology allows for a smaller footprint and higher throughput than traditional technologies. The Extrakt suite of technologies offer solutions to companies that are currently not as reliable or efficient.

A Cleaner Solution